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Elisabetta Antonini - Cantante jazz e vocalist. Jazz singer

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Elisabetta Antonini


Elisabetta Antonini

Singer, arranger, composer


Elisabetta Antonini is the first Italian female singer to sign with the prestigious independent label Candid Records, of renowned music producer Alan Bates. Winner of the Top Jazz, voted by critics as The Best New Talent 2014.


Composer of the music she sings, she is also a passionate and profound interpreter with a high sensitivity to jazz, a creative bandleader, always inclined toward unusual and original forms of musical expression. In her carrier she has shared the stage with such artists as Paul Mc Candless and Kenny Wheeler.


Her latest work, The Beat Goes On, is a tribute to the literary and social movement which originated in America during the 1950s in the bohemian artist communities of San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York.

The whole track list is a homage to the most influential Beat poets such as Kerouac, Ginsberg, Corso, and is inspired by their most powerful and famous poems. The compositions recall the spirit and the atmosphere of the psychedelic yearning, frantic exuberance and improvised creativity of the Beat world.


Distributed in several countries, this recording has entered the Top Jazz Musica Jazz Magazine Poll as the fourth Best Album of the Year 2014. Francesco Bearzatti, Luca Mannutza, Paolino Dalla Porta and Marcello Di Leonardo feature in the recording, providing notable backup for this concept album where modern jazz, Beat poetry, electronic atmosphere, improvised scats and extracts of readings with real voices of the poets are impressively mingled.


Her past works also include original projects such as Un Minuto Dopo (A Minute Later) where chamber music and European contemporary jazz colors are explored together with pianist Alessandro Gwis, saxophonist Gabriele Coen and the refined oboist of the World Music group Oregon, Paul Mc Candless; as well as the Harp&VoiceDuo Nuance, created with the jazz harp player Marcella Carboni, where she balances electronic sounds with acoustic interpretations, presenting Brazilian songs full of lyricism together with jazz standards and original music, blending contemporary and electric flavors.




She has studied voice and specialised in the stylings and language of jazz in the United States and Italy with some of the more notable figures of international jazz (M. Murphy, B. Harris, N. Winstone, J. Niemack, J. Clayton e B. Stoloff, M.P. De Vito, R. Vitro, R. Treece).
Sophisticated singer, as well as a talented composer and arranger, Elisabetta Antonini is active in the jazz sphere participating in shows and festivals all over Italy, presenting a vast repertoire that goes from the American Songbook to original works and to contemporary jazz, collaborating with the best musicians (K. Wheeler, P. McCandless, V. Tsabropoulos, A. Gravish, G. Petrella, P. Lussu, L. Tucci, P. Ciancaglini, F. Bosso, N. Conte, G. Renzi, C. Filippini, P. Iodice, D. Scannapieco, D. Tittarelli, A. Bassi, G. Sanjust, B. D’Amato, L. Mannutza, M. Ionata, T. Pancella, L. Bulgarelli, etc.).

Vocalist for various lounge music productions collaborating with producer-dj Nicola Conte in the live presentation of his successful Other Directions recorded with the prestigious Blue Note label.
Co-author and soloist on the project Different Lands, multimedia intersection between the worlds of experimental electronic music, progressive rock, jazz and world music, with whom the cd entitled Cities of Dreams received widespread critical acclaim.
Collaborated with composer and arranger Fabrizio Cardosa participating in the recording and theatrical presentation of some of his vocalise operas with the vocal ensemble Kammerton.
Was a part of the staging of the dance opera Jazz Amore with the music of Francesco Pascarito, choreography of Gabriella Furlan, seen in various Italian theatres from which has been recently realised the cd “Ho Sognato un Blues”.
Solo voice of the orchestra directed by M° Gerardo di Lella, performing at the Auditorium Parco della Musica in a project dedicated to the music of Piero Piccioni; of the group Big Night Jive, swing band of the ’50s, recording the cds Las Vegas Stile and Io Mi Ricordo, with the participation of the famous actor Franco Nero; The AMIT Orchestra in a dedication to Billie Holiday within the project “Jazz: Istruzioni per l’uso” directed by M° Massimo Nunzi and staged at Teatro Sistina di Roma.

Numerous projects originated by Elisabetta can be appreciated for the refinement of compositions and arrangements, as:
“Nuance”, the forthcoming cd with the Harp&Voice Duo with the harpist Marcella Carboni by Blue Serge, which presents a contemporary jazz repertoire using live electronics and effects, from European jazz tunes to Brazilian classics and jazz standards;
“Women Next Door”, a jazz mainstream female project with Gaia Possenti, Federica Michisanti e Danielle Di Majo, featuring Giorgio Cuscito at vibes, mostly inspired to the music and the style of George Shearing, recently recorded in the homonymous cd Women Next Door;
“Un Minuto Dopo”. With Alessandro Gwis on piano and live electronics, and Gabriele Coen on clarinets, is a work dedicated to original music and lyrics, recording a cd with the extraordinary participation of oboist Paul McCandless, member of the famous group Oregon;
“In A New York Minute”, a drumless hard bop project with arrangements of unknown jazz compositions from mainstream, with Luca Mannutza, Francesco Puglisi e Max Ionata.
 Jazz educator in jazz voice, improvisation and director of the jazz chorus at Saint Louis Music School of Rome; Department of Associated Jazz Musicians of Naples, carrying out singing lessons and jazz workshops all over Italy. Teaching at the prestigious yearly jazz summer clinics directed by Paolo Fresu.

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"I have just heard a fantastic recording honouring the Beat Generation and to say this recording is wonderful would definitely be an understatement.
I'm thrilled that a group of beautiful young musicians have shown such tremendous depth and understanding for my heroes. The Beat Goes On is a recording full of great musicianship, strong knowledge of the bebop era and a deep, soulful understanding of jazz".

Sheila Jordan

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