Contemporary Tales

ELISABETTA ANTONINI: voice, music & electronics
ALESSANDRO GWIS: piano & electronics


Elisabetta Antonini



The collaboration between singer Elisabetta Antonini, winner of the prestigious Top Jazz critics Award as Best New Talent, and Alessandro Gwis, piano player and composer, well known as member of Aires Tango by Javier Girotto, dates back to the artist’s debut album UN MINUTO DOPO (A Minute Later), a successful and original work between jazz and chamber music which included, as well as Gabriele Coen on clarinet, the historian oboist of Orengon Paul McCandless and the great trumpet player Kenny Wheeler as special guests.

In Contemporary Tales, where original music predominates, elements of tango, European traditions, ancient music, jazz songs and cultured music are combined to create lyrism and an impressionistic atmospheres, also evoked by the use of live electronics on the voice and on the piano, a color now identifying Gwis and increasingly present in Antonini’s project with a resul of great impact.

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