Elisabetta Antonini - Cronopios Famas e Speranze
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Cronopios, Famas e Speranze


Kammerton Ensemble

Manuela Tassani: soprano
Susanna Stivali: soprano
Elisabetta Antonini: mezzosoprano
Alessandro Contini: baritone
Fabrizio Cardosa: bass
Juliane Reiss: violin
Luca Rizzo: tenor sax e clarinet
Emilio Merone: accordion
Sabino De Bari: guitar
Fabrizio Cardosa: electric bass
Mauro Colavecchi: drums and percussions

Crisalide (2007)

“Cronopios, Famas & Speranze”, based on the sparkling musical show for reciting voice, instruments and vocalists, taken from the book of the same name by Julio Cortàzar. The irony, the grotesque and the taste for the paradox present in the work of the South American author come to life in the transposition of Fabrizio Cardosa, author of texts and music, in a fusion of different musical styles: from jazz to contemporary, from ancient music to the popular one. On the stage the Mediterranean harmonies of the Modern Sextet (instrumental group known for the intense concert activity and for numerous recordings for the RAI and Radio Vaticana) and the refined melodies of the Kammerton (ensemble of expert singers that boasts collaborations with Claudio Baglioni and Teresa De Sio and music dubbing for Walt Disney films).