Elisabetta Antonini - Terre Differenti - Cities of Dreams
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Different Lands

Cities of Dreams


Elisabetta Antonini: voice

Houcine Ata: voice

Noemi Nori: voice

Yasemin Sannino: voice

Fabio Armani: piano, keyboards, percussions

Luca Barberini: bass

Marco Conti: sax, flute, clarinett

Carlo Cossu: violin, violet

Alessandro D’Aloia: drums, percussions

Miguel Coelho Fernandez: guitar

Flavio Ferrari: electric bass

Abdullah Mohamed: nay flute, kaval, arguol and musmaar

Opensound Music (2006)


The “City of Dreams” is a symbolic place, it is outside and within us, this is the essence of our anxieties and our hopes.

In the CD it is often linked to the idea of ​​the desert as a land of origin, as primordial humus from which the babel of languages ​​and cultures developed with the variety and richness of the human experience.

The atmosphere of the songs is given by an original mix between ethnic influences (Trilok Gurtu, Rabih Abou Khalil), rock and progressive suggestions (Peter Gabriel, Enigma, King Crimson), with contemporary jazz contaminations (Jan Garbarek, Oregon, Weather Report).

The texts are projections of real places and virtual, continuously hovering between dream, vision and poetry. They are sung by four different singers, each of whom has contributed to making “Cities of Dreams” a journey through different lands and emotional states.

This new work continues the experimentation and the fusion between different musical styles that can be heard on the first CD of “Different Lands“. The arrangements use ancient and ethnic instruments combined with electronic sounds. Even the voices and the melodies are treated beyond the classical schemes to produce an ethereal and dreamlike sensation.

Why a name like “Different Lands”? In Italian the word lands have many meanings.
Land is the soil and this implies primitive and material concepts. The use of new and different alchemical elements.
Land is clay, and in art rock and clay are used to produce sculptures and colours.
Different Land also means suggestions of concrete realities but also of inner dimensions.

Listen to “Cities of Dreams” is how to make a journey to different lands, between dream and reality, through deep and unexplored dimensions of the soul.