Elisabetta Antonini - Jazzamore
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Ho sognato un Blues


Alessandro Contini, Elisabetta Antonini, Fabiana Conti: voices
Michael Sunick: trumpet and flugelhorn
Massimo Davola: tenor sax
Primiano Di Biase: piano, accordion and arrangemets
Luca Nostro: guitar
Sergio Piccarozzi: banjo
Ermanno Dodaro: contrabbass
Francesco Bonofiglio: drums

Rai Trade (2009)


Jazzamore is based on the song story “Ho Sognato un Blues”, conceived and written by Francesco Pascarito.

Between swing, dixieland, tango, rumba and “bossanova”, the author has woven a sound suit for the contemporary public. Arrangements and lyrics of the twelve songs involve the heart and the mind, evoking timeless and ageless passions, which become intense emotion in the interpretation of the band and the three lead singers.