Elisabetta Antonini




A superb group and an auspicious debut for a new voice in Italian jazz.

Neri Pollastri

Jazz capable of restoring life and rhythm to the heroes of On The Road e Urlo. The result is surprising in its coherence, efficacy and beauty.

Raffaele Roselli
Il Corriere della Sera

Elisabetta Antonini is a new name in the less than rich panorama of national jazz singers. We are in the presence of a musician whose value and musical concept will be certain to be of interest.

Andrea Gaggero

Awards, at times, serve a purpose. They are the simplest way of garnering attention for someone who deserves it. In the case of Elisabetta Antonini, a talented vocalist with a beautiful voice, self-confidence, a concise style and informed knowledge of jazz singing, the Top Jazz Award arrived only a few weeks ago, crowning her as the “Best New Talent in Italian Jazz Vocals”.

Marco Molendini
Il Messaggero

The leader is impeccable: her voice is expressive, upbeat or melancholy as required. Her compositions and arrangements are beautifully constructed, leaving nothing to chance, and conceding ample space for her fervid imagination and creativity. Un Minuto Dopo is a cd, a project and a work of passion and searching, a precious commodity in the present era.

Alceste Ayroldi
per Jazzitalia

Elisabetta Antonini’s voice has the characteristic of being as graceful as it is intense, refined but not overly sweet. These characteristics are also present in this fine cd, in which we can hear her own compositions. There are few women composers in Italian jazz, and it’s always worthwhile to remember it.

Daniela Floris
A Proposito di Jazz

Vocal precision, and an authoritative and delicate touch; she caresses the notes and the words. Her intonation is as impeccable as her soft, whispered touch is delightful. Un minuto dopo is an extraordinarily mature cd; the first step in what I hope and predict will be a long and fruitful career for Elisabetta.

Maria Pia De Vito

Elisabetta Antonini expresses herself with elegance and ease, rendering vocal improvisations of incomparable beauty.

Luciano Vanni

A highly anticipated debut cd on which Elisabetta Antonini worked diligently, both writing the arrangements and following the production step by step. Her voice is unusual – delicate yet commanding at the same time, and able to vary in its timbre, evoking different colours with each single interpretation of the musical numbers.

Andrea Romeo
L’Isola Che Non c’Era

Un Minuto Dopo is a beautiful album, made up above all of the seductive vocals, of soft whispers, and abstract improvisations, when Elisabetta Antonini’s intimate touch takes flight, producing notes without words.

Guido Michelone
Musica Jazz

I have just heard a fantastic recording honouring the Beat Generation and to say this recording is wonderful would definitely be an understatement. I’m thrilled that a group of beautiful young musicians have shown such tremendous depth and understanding for my heroes.

Sheila Jordan

A warm voice, characterized by confident phrasing, bolstered by clarity, rich in chromatic nuances: these are the synonyms required for an authentic, knowledge-informed style. Elisabetta Antonini possesses all of the qualities of a jazz singer and of a well-rounded musician.

Federica Gradoli

While we cannot cite every number, we’ll limit ourselves to the wonderful Howl”! (words by Allen Ginsberg), and, in particular, to the moving rendition of Requiem For Bird Charlie Parker” (Gregory Corso). Bearzatti’s colourfully overdubbed reeds ease the passage of this work by an Antonini who at times goes for vocal timbres which as so painful as to scratch the soul. Bravo!


Enzo Pavoni
Audio Review